Our network includes specialized coverage and protection that encompasses homeowners' loss, property loss, commercial property, and damage caused by peril, such as fire, explosion, wind and, earthquake. Our variety of programs include Private & Commercial Flood, Coastal Property, and the customized REAPA Program, designed to provide the broadest protection for commercial real estate. 


Our network includes specialized coverage as well as protection that encompasses homeowners loss, property loss, and damage caused by covered peril such as fire or explosion. We have both Standard and Excess and Surplus markets that entertain coastal risks. We also write the Flood and Wind in-house.

Market Highlights:

  • Available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada
  • Replacement cost valuation
  • AOP Deductibles as low as $1,000
  • No minimum premium
  • No maximum TIV
  • Full boiler and machinery coverage
  • Coverage for wind, earthquake, flood, contingent business income, mold, and terrorism available

Target Appetite:

  • All Constructions
  • Commercial properties - including office, warehouse and shopping centers
  • Habitational properties - including apartments, condominiums and co-ops
  • Excess Flood Coverage Available
  • Wind/Hail & Name Storm Coverage Available
  • We write NCIP and Excess of NCIP


Target Appetite:

  • Apartment Buildings: NY Only
  • Apartment Buildings with or without swimming pools
  • 6 or more units per building
  • No basement occupancy (unless the city has issued a Certificate of Occupancy and a secondary means of egress)


We can provide coverage for Coastal Property. Any property within five miles of a large body of water may be considered “coastal.”

Market Highlights:

  • “A” Rated Carriers
  • As close as 1,500 feet to water
  • Deductibles as low as 1% TIV
  • Limits up to $15M (higher limits available)
  • Flood and Excess Flood available

Target Appetite:

  • Apartments/Condominiums
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centers/Retail


Large residential and commercial dwellings that include condominiums, apartment complexes, multi-family occupancy, hotels, and family homes.

Market Highlights:

  • Admitted and Non-Admitted Carriers
  • Monoline Lead & Mold Coverage
  • General Liability, Property, Umbrella and Excess
  • BOPs, Packages, and Monoline Coverage

Target Appetite:

  • 1-4 Family Risks
  • Large, multi-unit risks
  • Multi-state schedules


We offer you access to the strongest and best platform available on the market. The REAPA Insurance Program provides the broadest protection for all commercial real estate assets and a comprehensive plan for any real estate portfolio.

Market Highlights:

  • $500,000,000 blanket all-risk Property limit with automatic reinstatement (no annual aggregate)
  • Replacement Cost Valuation
  • Business Income – Actual Loss Sustained plus 24 months Extended Period of Indemnity
  • $250,000,000 Earthquake/Flood sublimit – per occurrence & aggregate (non-CA)
  • Ordinance or Law coverage – Demolition & Increased Cost of Construction - $50,000,000 per occurrence per insured
    Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage – Terrorism included
  • $5,000,000 Mold coverage
  • CAT coverage with competitive deductibles
  • No vacancy restrictions
  • Excess Triple Net Lease coverage

Target Appetite:

  • Portfolios with at least $25,000,000 TIV
  • Better quality construction, protection preferred
  • Newer construction preferred
  • Favorable loss history
  • Writing in most states

“Before Brooks, I found it difficult to find genuine expertise in hard-to-reach market coverage. I no longer have this issue because of their broad market reach.”

- Jordan Kokkoris, President, Kokkoris Insurance Services

Brooks is your full-service wholesaler.